April 18, 2016   |   2min read

How to use Slack: Polidea's tips

If there was one app that is screened at all moments by all Polidea’s employees, it would be Slack. Not only the platform became our one-and-only internal communication channel, but we use Slack for much more than this. Here are super features we integrated to get the best of this now indispensable tool.


At Polidea, we do not have a customer service (Mostly because customers never have to complain about our services). However, we have a chat box on our website, which redirects all questions asked to our #public channel on Slack. So that any employee which is not busy can reply to the visitor. Really useful when the questions get really technical to have the knowledgeable person handy. Our contact form on our website also redirects to one of our Slack channel, and display the contact request in real time. No need of customer service software when you have Slack. Public-chat


At any time, this channel is recording all our Social Media activities. It transcripts our posts and tweets, and notify us for every retweets, mentions or repost from our company accounts. This is a really helpful tool to control and analyse what is being said about Polidea, or how well is a blog post received. Also make our PR activity more transparent for the whole company. SocialMedia

#Custom-Integration & Jira-Continuous-Integration

On a more practical level, we use slack to trace all changes we make on our website repository. It also gives us the status of each new builds, failed or passed and who did it. As for our website, while working on projects we are recording our Continuous Integration efforts through Slack. Those integrations are really useful when it comes to have a good overview of the development of your build and solve bugs efficiently. JiraCI


@szpieg is our spybot, he crawls our gmail calendars and if someone is absent will report to anyone trying to contact him through Slack, and until when. Pretty useful to avoid getting angry to the lack of response of an empty chair. spybot


We are using Slack integrations to test API requests from our apps. It becomes really useful when you need to check how your API is communicating with your device. You can customized the testing process as far as your imagination can lead you. In the following example the API was checking user’s location changing with latitude and longitude coordinates, but also the URL to Google Maps with user’s position and reported it to Slack. apptesting


Our office is located at the very heart of Warsaw best food district. You can imagine how hard it would be for us to just go out and wander around our streets to find the right special of the day. So we created a Slackbot who fetches daily menus (from social media) of close-by restaurants and hand it over when asked. A handy feature, getting really enticing around 11 30 am. Lunch

Slack has become really useful to Polidea for integrating our everyday practices, from internal communication to our lunch choices. Not only a tool, but a tool box full of new integrations coming up everyday, that will facilitate your workflow tenfold. If your company you are using smart Slack integration, please let us know! We will be updating the list as we find other use of Slack, stay tuned.

Jason Moisio

Communication Specialist

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