October 17, 2016   |   2min read

How Magic Works at Polidea

Most lately, Polidea has been undergoing changes. Already announced here in September, the man who lead the place for the past 7 years, took a step for further adventures. Kuba Lipiński, flew to the land of the free, USA. Still, he will keep his strategical role at Polidea and he will help to expand our market overseas. Yet, I am now Polidea new captain. The role comes with responsibilities in our ever-changing tech environment. To remain steady, yet in constant evolution is not a simple task. The quality of our services will only keep improving. Engineering is our gem, what we do best and are the most passionate about. But tech without magic is but ruin of the soul. We do have magic. For years, “Engineering Meets Magic” was our motto. But we’re not gonna fool you any longer, we know what’s Magic. Magic is design!


At Polidea, we visualize the structure of our company as a full functioning body. We resonate organically, but we work as a whole. Engineers and designers are both part of the same brain. Both working at the craft of tomorrow’s mobile technologies. Being so close, developed a great sense of efficiency, creativity and achievement within our office. Our designers create the best possible end-to-end experience for your users, and the developers build it with lines of code, our QA specialist review the finished product. A well oiled-mechanism that allows us to push the boundaries of the possible, to create magic (again)! As for many mobile dev houses you would say…yes, but our difference lays in the complete symbiosis that is created everyday in our offices. Interdisciplinarity and full stack positions are what guarantees that your idea will be scrutinized by a full team of experts here to propose the best possible mobile solutions. We know building an app is more than plain lines of code and wireframes. It is an idea that is given birth, and the cornerstone of many companies business plan. So we deliver an end to end focus to deliver the best possible experience (some would call it magic) for you and your users. And this can only be achieved with a solid and interdisciplinary team.

The advantages of working under the same roof are a great reactivity and fast communication to smoothen the whole app building process. The symbiosis operating at Polidea between engineers and designers open the horizons of the possible. Indeed feasibility discussions need both parties to be truly optimal. We can then scope your project more accurately and open the door to the latest tech and design solutions, at once. From magic to reality we want you to enjoy the end-to-end app building experience.


A serie of blog posts (starting with this one) will bring you backstage for you to visualize all the steps taken in our design and engineering effort to deliver our know-how. We will focus on the challenge and immense advantages of the Engineers/Designers symbiosis. We will feature workshops and all the practical information for you to replicate in your company. Our slogan is also to change…but Shhhh! It’s coming soon, stay tuned.

Grzegorz Kapusta

CEO, Polidea

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