November 21, 2014   |   1min read

Design Month – it was not our last word

A month and a few days later it’s time to officially wrap up Polidea’s design month. We are glad that we could introduce our Creative Team (which gave me a great reason to point out our virtues). We are hoping as well that our tutorials and tips how to automate your daily work routine found an application in your designs so that 1. you don’t have to slice your assets any more, 2. learned how to replace raster assets with fonts, 3. found out how to perform your work automatically or even 4. how to create a smart InDesign document.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that we are done with sharing all we know. Our team is in the development phase so we constantly step up our work style. We are eager to spread how we organise our daily office work, what methodology or tools we use and how we cooperate with our developers.

As an icing on the cake grab our inspiration resources. Małgosia Jabłońska cherry-picks the best graphic designs, UI and UX ideas and pins them to our Polidea Pinterest.


She keeps it nice and tidy so find logical folders and don’t hesitate to read comments that Małgosia adds to focus your attention on the important things. We have some hidden thematic boards where we collect inspiration for current projects. Don’t miss the publication.

As we announced at the beginning of Design Month, we happily and off-duty contributed to Warsaw’s design community. Four days ago we organised the first meeting of the Design Practice meetup which proved to be very popular!

Stay tuned!

Karolina Chmiel

Head of Design

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