May 24, 2017   |   3min read

Changes and new challenges are coming

It’s almost June and this means 8 years of Polidea’s history. As we are approaching this unique date, we’re also fully aware of the changes that such time may bring. It’s always been in Polidea’s company culture to inspire new challenges and foster flexibility. After almost 8 years of co-creating Polidea, being one of the first engineers, having the role of CTO and finally working as a Principal Software Engineer and being a partner, Jarek Potiuk is to take on new challenges. Undoubtedly, we had a great privilege of working with him on a daily basis; learning from him, getting inspired, delivering different projects and drinking everyday coffees. As we will definitely miss him, we are excited for these new challenges coming along. Jarek will still be a part of Polidea’s team, now in the role of Polidea’s supervisory board member and advisor.

In the midst of our daily activities, we had a chance to sit down with him, drink some coffee and ask a few questions.


First association with Polidea?

Just one? Impossible. I did a kind of a memory lane trip along these 8 years. I remember the very first months of Polidea, during this time a lot of projects happened —I’ve been Polidea’s CTO for almost 7 years, after this time I’ve decided to dedicate myself back fully to engineering. Different roles, different views, different hats to wear, sometimes many at the same time. But I think the very first memory goes to even before January 2010 when together with Kuba we started “Szlif” (Diamond Cut) academy of engineering and we realized that we want to build a company together. That was few months before I decided to join Polidea - back when I was one of its very first clients. I am really happy to have switched the sides.

What will be your role now?

I will still be involved in Polidea’s life—not full-time and not hands-on but as the member of the supervisory board and as a partner. It’s been great 8 years—I feel strongly connected with Polidea and most importantly— with our people. 8 years means ambitious projects along the way, lots of new friendships and acquaintances, goals accomplished, conferences attended, business trips, coffees drunk, and successes celebrated. Definitely a great time of my life! But I’ll still be around to help, advise and keep in touch! The team that runs Polidea is full of great ideas so I am looking forward to what it will become in the years to come. And I will still be around to keep in touch with all the great people that are in Polidea - for sure I would not want to miss the company parties!

What are the most memorable projects you’ve been involved in?

One of them is definitely MCE—I truly feel like it’s my child in a way (but there are many more parents for that one!). I am one of the few MCE founders that were there at the very beginning and continued to help it grow over the four editions. This conference evolved a lot—from being mainly engineering-oriented to a truly multi-disciplinary tech-event, where engineering, design meet and lately—even philosophy and ethics. But there were also “regular” projects—far too many to list them here, all of them being somehow special on its own. That’s what is great about Polidea—I could try different things and roles and work on very different projects every few months.

And what happens now?

I’ve always been an engineer - even if sometimes only part time :). Now I will continue and strengthen the change I started last year—I will dedicate myself fully to engineering but with a different set of technologies to focus on and in a different environment. I will join a smaller team—with different organizational challenges, where engineering culture is just about to start being formed. It is a place where I’ll have to learn a lot from the experts in the new fields to become a valuable team member. Sounds invigorating and challenging at the same time. We will have a chance to create some new technology pieces that might become really useful in the coming years. Just watch out for some announcements!

Keeping our fingers crossed for Jarek, we’re thinking about new challenges here at Polidea. As June is our birthday month, we are planning a series of special posts, updates on Facebook, Instagram and definitely a month of celebration. Stay tuned!

Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

Jarek Potiuk

Principal Software Engineer

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