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Our favourite events of 2016

Our engineers, coders, designers and developers were everywhere - travelling by plane, train or on foot to attend all the interesting events in mobile apps world. While making New Year’s resolutions for 2017, we made sure that attending conferences and meetups would be at the top of the list. Take a look at the most interesting events of 2016 and get ready for 2017!


Held in Lodz, Poland, Mobilization is one of our favourite conferences dedicated to mobile technologies. The city itself is vibrant and serves as a great location for such energetic event. This year, we had a strong representation of Polideans talking about Kotlin and “Design that breaks down barriers” - which brought about very important subject of accessibility. We were also really excited about Ola Rosińska’s and Piotrek Stanisławski’s talk on merging business, design and technology together. Great plus for the atmosphere and venue!

GDG DevFest

Strong representation of Polideans was also present at GDG DevFest 2016. One of the events dedicated to developers’ communities was held in Warsaw. After presenting a great range of topics starting from Continuous Integration through Kotlin to Accessibility in Mobile Apps, we were amazed by the talk on “UX in the desert” by Agata Dziekan. The event was really inspiring!


One of the biggest events dedicated to Java simply has to be on our favourite events list. The most impressive talk was presented by Jakub Kubrynski and dealt with “JPA - beyond copy - paste”. We were also amazed by Vadym Melnyk, who talked about the security in his eye-opening talk “Internet of Things - a corporatocracy society base or humanity new frontier” . Finally, networking was really great!

Devoxx UK

Great plus for covering a wide range of subjects like JVM, web, cloud, even though the conference was primarily dedicated to Java. What we found really interesting was the talk on digital security, called “Cybercrime and the Developer. How to start defending against the darker side of the web” and presented by Steve Poole. Also, Michal Płachta’s talk about building multiplayer game using Reactive Streams was very practical and funny. Last but not least - Johan Janssen presented a case study about creating remotely-controlled trains in his talk “REST no more, use an actor”.So much fun along the way!

Reactive Conf

The location of this awesome conference was great - Bratislava is an energetic and and modern city with truly entrepreneurial spirit. The organizers did their best to provide the speakers with comfort and best experience possible (there were even VR stations to try out). Jared Forsyth’s talk “Paradigms for dealing with asynchrony” was really inspiring. As for the most visually engaging presentation, we really enjoyed André Staltz: “Visualizing the data flow with Cycle.js”. To sum it up - great adventure!


The conference was organized by Spanish developers in a beautiful scenery of northern Spain. The talks were centred around iOS development, but the organizers did their best to provide the attendees with great cultural experience and networking sessions. Single track let everyone focus on each talk, without having to make a choice. Polideans were amazed by Anastasiia Voitova’s talk on mobile apps security entitled “Building modern mobile security model in iOS applications“.They were also impressed by Chris Stott’s talk about continuous integration called “iOS development uncorked” - they even used it afterwards to improve our build system in Polidea. What is more, getting the insights from Samuel Giddins about the current situation in CocoaPods “The Road to CocoaPods 1.0” was really inspiring. We definitely look forward to the next edition in 2017!


1200 participants, over 75 speakers, more than 80 sessions, 3 days in Cracow. GeeCON started in 2009 and is focused on Java and JVM based technologies. We really liked the talk by Jarosław Ratajski called “Beyond NoSQL - Go events / DROP DATABASE”. It was also great as far as networking is concerned. Cracow is always a good idea!


This conference is a must-attend event for all Java lovers and passionates. The whole line-up was great and we were amazed by the atmosphere and energy. Great thanks to Joseph W. Yoder for his inspiring talk entitled “Deliver Fast with Confidence” and shedding light on agile techniques. We are very excited about 2017 edition.


Finally, our MCEconf that simply can’t be missed! You can read all about 2016 edition here. Get ready for MCE^4!

Hope to see you in 2017!

Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

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