August 19, 2015   |   1min read

Basset - handling vector assets on iOS

Since Apple has released XCode 6, we can use vector based PDF’s in our applications. Ability to work with vector images allows us to take the burden out of managing numerous files for multiple resolutions on each asset. You have only a single PDF file that has all necessary data to support best possible quality, no matter what resolution you’re using.

The problem with solution provided by Apple is that maintaining assets via XCode isn’t very convenient:

  • you have to drag’n’drop each asset from Finder to XCode, every time you want to add new one or update an existing one,
  • once an asset is dragged to XCode you have to move each file separately from “1x” category to “All” in order to recognize it as a vector image.

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These problems hamper workflow and can become really time consuming, therefore to overcome such difficulties we have created Basset – a simple tool that helps with vector assets management in iOS projects.

Basset is responsible for generating PNG(s) files from vector images, and merging them with existing XCode-Assets directories. In addition to default XCode solution, besides PDF, Basset allows you to use other vector formats like SVG, EPS, PSD in your projects. With this approach you can use assets generated in SVG format for both: iOS and Android. On Android it can be really useful when using new Android Studio 1.3 features.

To find out more about Basset features, installation process and usage visit our project’s website.

Michał Mizera

Director of IT & Cloud Consulting

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