April 23, 2020   |   3min read

5 Boston Startups to Watch in 2020


Boston is becoming a new US tech hub, right after Silicon Valley and Silicon Hills. There are over 2,000 tech companies, with a lower cost of housing compared to California. Undoubtedly, many startups are trying to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies might flourish and use their remote solutions to help others; in project management, health, and safety. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Boston startup companies to watch in 2020!


The smartband developed by Whoop measures your activity in a new, interesting way. The wearable syncs with a dedicated platform via Bluetooth Low Energy. What is so special about it? The Whoop solution helps professional athletes and sports enthusiasts measure recovery from training and assess the maximum physical strain the band wearer can go through. After four months on the market, the number of injuries decreased by 60%.

Whoop also includes an innovative approach to sleep management. Most smartwatches measure sleep quality, while Whoop goes a step further by analyzing how much sleep your body actually needs to function optimally.


Soofa is an amazing initiative that can suffer the most during the current state of affairs because most people are staying at home. Remember the paper notices with the contact information strips to be taken by passers-by? Well, Soofa developed a digital news feed for neighborhoods that are displayed on specially designed installations. You can promote your brand, announce an upcoming event, and more. Getting your news on the boards is similar to scheduling social media posts.

Soofa digital news feed (Photo from Soofa’s Press Kit)


Wellframe provides a range of healthcare services. Patients can use Wellframe’s mobile application to manage their health remotely by video chatting with physicians and nurses. The app also features notifications when it’s time to take medicine and keep up with appointments, as well as a library of content, helping patients with their prescriptions.

Beyond that, Wellframe developed a solution for digital care management for health providers. The platform is synced with the patients’ app, so health professionals are always up-to-date. Wellframe provides third-party components in an open-source library because they are—like Polidea—strong believers in the positive power of sharing code.

Owl Labs

The Meeting Owl by Owl Labs is a smart video conferencing camera, which looks like an owl. Why an owl? Because, similarly to a real-life owl, the device is able to see the entire space around it, with a 360° camera, speaker, and mic. The Meeting Owl provides a landscape view of the entire room on the top, while below highlights the speakers, detecting them on the fly. The device works with a range of video conferencing tools.

SimpliSafe wearable devices (Photo from SimpliSafe’s Press Kit)


Now, the majority of the world stays at home. With SimpliSafe, your small apartment or a big house is secured. The company developed a range of smart devices that protect your home from power outages, cut landlines, break-ins, or even bats. The device connects to a mobile app, so you can check the camera wherever you are. The Base Station will alert you when motion in the house is detected. The cameras can distinguish between pets and people so that you are not alerted every time your dog or a cat moves around.

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