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15 Top New York City Startups You Have to Know in 2018/2019

While looking at the American business scene, East Coast emerges as the new “it” place. On our way there, we’ve taken a closer look at the most interesting startups in New York and chose the ones we find the most promising. Their products and services respond to real needs, solve real problems or truly enrich people’s lives.

While some even claim that Silicon Valley is not the place to be for people in tech, we’re exploring NYC startup scene and are amazed by the number of meetups, conferences, initiatives and businesses out there.

Look through our list inspired by Built in New York City and share your insights. Is New York becoming a new place to be? The following projects seem to prove that it’s happening and if you want to meet in San Francisco or New York, we’ll be heading to the USA next week, just get in touch here!

Stash Invest


Picture showinf Stash app wireframes.

Source: Stash Press Kit

Listed as one of the Top 25 Tech Companies to Watch in 2018 by The Wall Street Journal, Stash Invest provides the next level of financial services for investors. Putting money into what matters to you—from entertainment through environment, Stash offers a holistic approach to investing—providing Clients with the needed tools, tips but most of all carefully curated investing options. Its goal is to make investing simple but also broaden banking services, allowing Clients to make smarter spending decisions and follow their financial goals.

Hello Alfred


With a simple subscription you can get a personal assistant at a reasonable price. An employee called Alfred gets everything done from you errands list, which you can adjust accordingly to your needs via the platform. The service was created by two Harvard Business School graduates who—working in finance—didn’t have enough free time to take care of their daily chores like doing groceries, picking up laundry or getting deliveries.



Away focuses on making good and accessible suitcases so that everyone can travel in a better standard. The suitcases and other travel accessories are made with the best quality materials, but the lack of the middleman in the production process eliminates huge prices, typical for this kind of luxury products.



Intersection connects the digital and physical worlds, allowing for more engaging advertising and city life. Their award-winning project Link—the largest free Wi-Fi network in the world—is a great example of that. Last year the company managed to raise \\\\\$150 million in funding to bring more digital services like charging stations or digital kiosks to large cities.



The artworks from the famous museums and galleries from all around the world just a click away. Even more—ready to hang in your living room. As you can read on their website, “TrueArt technology—a proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software—renders images lifelike and textured”. Democratizing art and making it available to everyone while supporting artists at every step in their careers.



Subletting made easy and painless, with legal requirements met. Flip has got you covered. Fitting between Airbnb for short-term rentals and regular long-term ones, Flip aspires to meet the demands on both sides. Guaranteeing the regular rent payments and providing a legal support, it solves the problems many of us face. With payments guaranteed, it seems that the worst-case scenarios are out of the way.



You don’t need to understand AI to let it help you optimize your workflow. Here’s where HyperScience comes in with simple processes. Automating office work is the first step they take, working as a team of engineers, designers and product managers with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence. They’re focused on deep learning, natural language processing, image recognition and audio analysis. That all combined can revolutionize workflows, time-management and contribute to optimization of our efforts. AI helping in everyday challenges? We like it!

United Masters


Revolution in the music industry? It’s already here. The combination of talents and data begins the new chapter in the entertainment world. Finally independent and “label-free”—as United Masters promises its Clients. Cutting through the noise may be super challenging for the young artists—reaching to the right audience, at the right moment is the key. These days it can be achieved only thanks to data. United Masters provides artists with a set of tools to make it all work in their favor. Democratizing music industry sounds great!



Current is the new financial solutions addressing both teenagers’ and parents’ needs and pains. Teaching healthy spending habits while controlling “from the distance” seems like a success for both sides. Current allows parents to make bank transfers easily, monitor their kids’ spending and plan ahead. Kids, on the other hand, don’t wait for their monthly allowance for days and can learn how to manage their budgets. Getting a better understanding of the money spending process, they become more aware and responsible.



Aaaptiv trainer working out.

Source: Aaptiv Press Kit

A personal trainer in an app, where you can adjust your goals and workout needs. With Aaptiv you get unlimited access to thousands of workouts in 12 different categories prepared and performed by real-life, enthusiastic trainers. And all that to some great music. What else do you need for a perfect workout?

Class Pass


A customized, no-strings-attached way to work out, all over the US. Class Pass offers a wide range of gym classes, from yoga and cycling to rock climbing, all available for booking via an app. Based on your specific fitness goals, the app suggests perfect classes for you! And, if you’re not sure it’s the right choice for you—you can always read some reviews from the community. Plus video workouts at your disposal when you ‘don’t feel like going’.

Oscar Health

health insurance

Picture showing Oscar board

Source: Oscar Health press kit

Oscar Health wants to change the world of health insurance and bring it closer to the users, all thanks to technology. Their app allows you to find a doctor you need in seconds or contact them remotely with just a couple of taps on the phone. The startup strives to give its members the most accessible healthcare and best experience in the US.

Check out the interview with Alan Warren, CTO of Oscar Health on machine learning!


pet care

A lot of dog owners face this dilemma: letting your pet loose and enjoy life or keeping it close on a safe leash. Thanks to Fi, a smart dog collar, owners can give dogs the freedom they deserve and need, without compromising on their safety. The wearable will inform you about the dog’s whereabouts, what number of steps it made per day, and alert you whether your pup left the selected Safe Zone. All brought to you by technology and a passionate team of dog lovers.

Talk Space

mental health


Statistically, 1 in 5 adults in the US experiences mental illness. The issue is growing, yet therapy is still expensive and requires patients to wait days or even weeks for their appointment. But, tech saves the day! Talk Space is a therapy service provided to the patients with an app. You can stay in touch with your real-life therapist (assigned by AI algorithms) via text as well as easily schedule video calls whenever you’re in need. All accessible to you thanks to the subscription model.


dental practice

Simplifeye products focus on boosting efficiency and lead generation for dental practitioners. For instance, thanks to the Amplify tool you can connect with your current and potential patients via live chat 24/7, customize the experiences and bring in new clients. DEXvoice, on the other hand, is a voice system that allows you to operate hands-free around your dental office. Dental care doesn’t seem so scary now, does it?;)

The list was updated in 2019.

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