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10 US Internet of Things Startups You Need to Know

Business Insider predicts that the number of smart home devices is estimated to surpass 1 billion by 2023, only in the US. That’s just a part of a big IoT picture that is still expanding! We’ve already taken a closer look at wearables in the business context and listed the top European Internet of Things startups you need to know as well as 15 NYC startups to follow. Now we’re sharing the list of the top US IoT startups delivering awesome IoT products—they combine tech with various aspects of life—from sleeping, through eating, training up to admiring art pieces. Smart wearables and stylish devices.These IoT solutions hold great potential, both from business and human perspectives and if you are interested in IoT services, go to our portfolio.

Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Hirate IoT water bottle Source: Hidrate press kit

The stylish and beautifully designed Hidrate Spark 2.0 smart water bottle controls your water intake, syncs to iOS and Android apps and glows (thanks to the embedded LED lights). An intelligent bottle is a perfect companion at home, at work and during training. It comes with a sensor stick powered by 2 replaceable batteries so you can forget about charging. We also like the idea of the synchronization with the most popular fitness tracker apps—such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple Health and MyFitnessPal.

Raybaby—Internet of Things solution for parents

Raybaby Source: Raybaby press kit

Born out of the need for an accurate and reliable sleep and breath baby monitor, Raybaby offers the latest technologies used for the benefit of parents. Patent pending radar tech is safe for the babies as well as the whole solution, connected with an intuitive mobile app with a minimal load of information and clear architecture. Raybaby offers the advantages of a wearable device without the contact—keeping the baby in the safe distance from the device. Plus it’s supported by HAX as a part of the consumer health device program.

“We are the smartest baby monitor parents can dream of. It tracks breathing and sleep, watches your baby, listens to your baby… and all this, from a safe distance! With raybaby’s smart journal, we are empowering parents by giving them access to their baby’s health information. A smart baby journal that answers simple questions like, ‘Is my baby sleeping more during the day or more during the night?’ or ‘My baby is breathing slower but is it normal in a 3-month old.’ - that’s IoT for you!” —Ranjana Nair, CEO and co-founder of Ray IoT Solutions

Nima—When IoT meets science

image.png Source: Nima press kit

Many of us suffer from food allergies and here comes the world’s first portable, connected food sensor! If you are in the gluten-free or peanut-free community, you can enjoy the “peace of mind at meal time” thanks to Nima. No more guessing, now you can rely on facts…, and science! From the very beginning, Nima has been supported by the board of advisors, MIT and people who suffer from food allergies. So how does it work? The smart device usually needs charging only once a month and can be carried in a black pouch added to the starter kit. You can also download an Android or iOS app with thousands of Nima-tested restaurants.

“I think that IoT and specifically, equipping consumers with valuable data in the time they need it to make informed decisions will positively impact the lives of millions. IoT enables us to extract data from areas we never had access before: information about our exercise, breathing, heart rates, EKG levels, and food! The key will be how to make that data useful and how to make it so people can make decisions from the data - this will come from benchmarking and contextualizing those data points.”—Shireen Yates, CEO and co-founder of Nima

Humon—IoT empowering humans

Humon wearables

When science meets tech! Unlike many available sensors, Humon measures the level of oxygen in blood cells using LED light. It provides athletes with precise analysis of their physical state while training. Known as the “body measurement company that empowers athletes with unique insights, pushing them to their optimal performance”, Humon provides users with an ecosystem of interconnected devices: Humon Hex wearable, mobile apps, web platform, and Garmin app. If you are interested in our project with Humon, learn more here.

Orison—IoT & eco combined

Orison is the definition of an eco and sustainable living. Plus, it can help you save a lot on electricity bills. It’s an intelligent system that allows you to use electricity in a smarter way and can prove to be helpful in case of a sudden blackout. Thanks to a complimentary mobile app, you can control the use of energy at all times. What we also like about it is the environmental aspect of using Orison—it reduces the negative impact on the ecosystem and promotes the use of clean energy all around the world. Internet of Things solution that is truly eco? We love it! is a technology company, based in Hollywood, California. Their Internet of Things product is all about providing immersive and tailored fit music thanks to the premium wireless Bluetooth earphones. The earphones or rather “buttons” look stylish and ultra modern and the company’s goal is to mix the latest technology with the power of music. Not to mention that among the ambassadors are Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell, Shaun Ross, and India Love. Sound on!

Ringly—IoT in style

Smart jewelry that helps you stay connected, active, mindful and lead a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it’s chic. Ringly is the example of Internet of Things startups that want to design beautiful wearable devices that connect the latest tech with “real-life” functionalities. You can choose from Ringly smart bracelets and rings—matching your style and preferences. As for the list of tech features, it is truly impressive. Starting with mobile alerts, through vibration & lights, up to supporting over 200 apps. Plus there is a social aspect involved too: we can finally forget about our mobiles for a moment, these pieces of jewelry will make your family dinners and parties more about talking than about looking at your mobile screen!

Tile—Tracking the things that matter

No more “hide and seek” at home thanks to the collection of Tile products that allow finding “everything that matters”. These cool gadgets can come in different forms—depending on your lifestyle and needs. All you have to do is to choose one of the Bluetooth trackers, pair it with a mobile app and attach to the things you simply can’t lose. The mobile you’ve lost will ring, the same goes for other stuff that will be easily located thanks to the loud tune played. This Internet of Things solution is simple, effective, helpful and has a lot of fans (over 10 mln sold!).

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Dreem—IoT startup on a mission

The smart headband is the product backed by 3-year long research—scientific, medical and technological—and aimed at building the future of better sleep. The multidisciplinary team of more than 70 experts has been working on creating the first device that analyzes brain activity and modulates it using the personalized and non-invasive techniques. All to improve the quality of sleep. What about the technology behind? During your sleep, the headband operates autonomously, without WIFI nor BLE active. In the morning, the device connects to a mobile app and the data is analyzed. As for the features: Dreem prolongs your sleep, helps you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed plus it provides thorough sleep analysis. Goodnight and good luck!

Meural—Internet of Things & art

Smart home paintings Source: Meural press kit

A Van Gogh painting on your wall? It’s possible! Here comes Meural—your smart canvas. Thanks to the “TrueArt technology—a proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software” digital images preserve “brush strokes” and convey the depth of the painting. The Meural team is on the mission—they want to democratize art believing that everyone should have the chance to admire it at home. As for the features, you can choose and change the images using the website, mobile app or your hand. Plus, Meural supports artists! Hint: we’ve already included Meural on our list of the hottest NYC startups. Art for everyone!


We hope you found our list of the hottest Internet of Things startups in the US interesting! Share your insights as we are constantly searching for new IoT products. Stay tuned!

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