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10 Cloud Talks at Beam Summit and Buzzwords You Can't Miss

Berlin in June is going to get really busy. And…so is our cloud team! First, we have Buzzwords—conference on storing, processing, streaming, and searching large amounts of digital data, focusing on open source projects. Last year, Buzzwords hosted more than 600 attendees and this time we can expect an even bigger turn-up!

Next up—Beam Summit. A young event but growing strong and fast, concerning, well, Apache Beam. Bringing together experts and the community, the conference drives the conversation around the framework, it advances, and newest developments.

Today, we’re sharing top 10 talks curated by Polidea’s cloud team to see this month at Berlin events. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to get in touch if you want to meet with our Project Manager Karolina and Lead Software Engineer Darek to talk about cloud, Apache, and all that jazz;)



Sirar Salih

Sirar is a full-stack developer, leader of the hacker hub at Making Waves consultancy and a self-proclaimed Ned Stark of the tech community in Oslo. He has over 7.5 years of experience as a consultant, system developer, technical lead, and solution architect in the IT industry. When he is not coding, he shares ideas on his blog or at tech events and conferences. During Buzzwords conference he will be talking about his adventure with building an Azure Function and deploying it to the cloud to fully automate Tinder. You can read more about his talk “Not automating Tinder in the Cloud and the day I didn’t break Tinder by accident” here.

Maximilian Michels

Maximilian is a Software Engineer and a PMC member of Apache Flink and Apache Beam. Being passionate about the principles of distributed systems and open source, he helped to develop Apache Flink at dataArtisans. This led him to the Apache Beam. In his talk “Python, Java, or Go: It’s Your Choice with Apache Beam”, he’s going to introduce the open source framework that allows to define and execute data processing pipelines, including ETL, batch and stream processing.


Fredrik Vraalsen

As a Tech Lead and architect on the Data Platform team of the City of Oslo, Fredrik’s goal is to provide users with a safe and easy way to access, share and analyze data across the government, via Oslo’s developer service platform. During Buzzwords, he will talk about Serverless Framework, which enables users to quickly define and configure an app using yaml files and deploying it to the specific cloud platform. Don’t miss it!

Suneel Marthi

Here comes a true #PositiveTech talk. Apache Software Foundation member and PMC member and committer, Suneel is going to share some insights on using satellite imagery available on public cloud like AWS to predict natural hazards, eg. forest fires. The fires in California are becoming a bigger issue each year due to global warming but thankfully Deep Learning and Cloud come to the rescue.

Thomas Fricke

Thomas enjoys working on scaling apps, especially with distributed databases. At Buzzwords— being a CTO at Endocode, cloud architect, and an expert on DevOps management—he will focus on Kubernetes; its pros and cons when it comes to running microservices in a secure way, with some practical DevSecOps examples.


Beam Summit

Sven Degroote

Sven, Machine Learning Engineer at ML6, will be presenting a case study of on how his team used Apache Beam to analyze and process football game stream feeds in real-time. The client wanted to determine events such as team detection or player tracking and performing analytics on videos of sport events. An interesting case of video analytics—definitely worth checking out!

Alexey Romanenko

Let’s talk data processing. Alexey—Open Source Software Engineer in Talend and Apache Beam committer—will walk us through IO connectors in Apache Beam. IO connectors are essential for reading and writing data in a unified and distributed way. Useful insights and practical tips for anyone who wants to write their own IO connectors.


Ismael Mejia, David Moravek

A bit more tech-advanced talk on the subject of Apache Spark Runner. Spark runner can be used to execute Beam pipelines using Apache Spark. Speakers and Apache Beam committers Ismael of Talend and David of Seznam will discuss the history of the Spark runner in Apache Beam, how it works and what are the recent improvements.

Steffen Hausmann

Straight from the ‘source’, here’s a talk by Specialist Solutions Architect for Analytics at AWS. In his job, Steffen, as he says himself, is supporting and enabling [AWS] customers “on their journey to the cloud.” Having a lot of experience in the area— he will explain how you can unify batch and stream processing with Apache Beam on Amazon Web Services.


Łukasz Gajowy, Michał Walenia, Katarzyna Kucharczyk

Last but not least—our team is speaking at Beam Summit too! Definitely check out our software engineers talk about quality assurance in Beam. To ensure that your pipelines work well with big loads of data and your jobs are efficient you need to test them thoroughly. Polidea team proves that automated testing can be a bit tricky here but comes to the rescue with their tailored tools. Don’t miss it;)

The photos come from the official site of Berlin Buzzwords, as well as Twitter feed of both Berlin Buzzwords and Beam Summit.

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